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About Us

Artistic Interpreters - Dream Weavers - Smile Inducers

We believe Wedding Photography is an art that is very different from any other form of photography, and requires a different thought process altogether. Most importantly - a wedding should not be mass produced, but rather catered and customised to the couples tastes, their relationship and their individual personalities. We take on limited weddings to facilitate this and ensure our couples are never just another pair of names for us.


The relationship between the couple and their photographers cannot be one of pure professionalism, but along with that, a blend of open communication and friendly rapport. We love to get to know our couples as people, not just as clients. After all, we’ll probably be the faces you see all the time, during the most memorable days of your life - they should be familiar and smiling ones!

Being founded by a married couple, we know how things are when you’re on the “other” side of the lens. It helps us understand what the bride and groom go through during the preparations and the big day itself, and what they might be needing from their photographers at that time.

We love having discussions and conversations - both before and after the wedding - and better understand you and your preferences, because no two couples can be the same.

We hope our images offer a style which we can call our own - not better, or worse - than any other  photographers, in a way that if it compliments your aesthetic, we hope you’ll think - “this is what I want for my Wedding!” - and nothing else will do.


Thank you for going through what we’ve created and hope to see you at your big day!

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